We essentially have three product families to cover all aspects of 2D and 3D imaging, plus a host of complementary and patented solutions to make life easier for dentists and radiologists. The complete product range includes high-frequency X-ray units, wireless digital sensors, innovative panoramic imagers, intraoral cameras, curing lights, CB3D imaging systems and dedicated, user-friendly software.




The best and only way to judge product performance, especially when talking of image-assisted diagnostics, is to observe the visual quality, examine the detail and assess the software. Accurate data, high-resolution images, a supportive software environment are key factors upon which MyRay bases its efforts and research. Please select a section of clinical case studies to view the exceptional results.



At MyRay, we believe that it is not just a question of including as much technology as possible in a medical device; the primary objective is to make that device as effective as possible, so that the end-user will immediately benefit from what the technology has to offer, in terms of performance and quality. We pride ourselves on creating solutions which offer new levels of comfort and the best available technologies: instruments designed for those looking for innovation and speed, design and performance.


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