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C-U2 with Macro Cap HDx2 wins the Red Dot Award 2018

MyRay adds another Red Dot Award to its hit list thanks to the excellence of the product design.

Red Dot Award 2015 – another win for MyRay

Hyperion X5 has just been granted the 2015 Red Dot Design Award for Product Design.


Specialty radiographs.


With Advanced Implant Planning, you can determine the exact position of the implant directly on the 3D model, on the strength of the finalized prosthetic project imported by the CAD. All in 3D.


Thanks to the primary servo controlled collimator, it is possible to select the exact area to expose to X-rays.

Easy, it diagnoses.

Quality at the service of the clinic. The innovative technology and the automatisms inherent in the device combine so as to give birth to simply perfect panoramic images.

Discover the new C-U2 camera

HD Vision. A high definition 16:9 sensor and a precision optical system have been merged to provide a new, even more efficient communication tool. C-U2 is your new way of working, communicating and imaging. Just right for you.