Zen X, direct USB HD intraoral X-ray sensor

High definition, immediacy, reliability and ergonomics

Zen-X offers all the advantages of real-time digital technology to obtain and share high quality images with ease.

  • Easy, fast, portable, real-time
  • Maximum active area with optimal ergonomics
  • Resistant to impact, dust and liquids
  • Plug-and-play with iCapture software
  • All-in-one iRYS software - Free Viewer and iPAD app
Zen X

Real time diagnostics

Capture and consult the best high de nition intraoral images immediately. Zen-X saves time and make communication with patients more effective thanks to automatic acquisition and USB direct plug-and-play connection. Available in two sizes, it features ergonomic design with smoothed edges, rounded corners and a ¬ exible lead, maximising both active area and positioning comfort. Made of extremely hard-wearing materials of the highest quality, it is compatible with all intraoral X-ray generators.

The precision of modern technology.

Zen X

Latest generation hd multi layer sensor

The Cesium Iodide (Csl) scintillator intercepts the X-ray beam and converts it into visible light while preserving image quality. The layer of fibre optics (Fibre Optics Plate) collimates the radiation onto the sensor and protects it against direct X-ray penetration. The high definition acquisition device with 20 μm cells (HD CMOS) converts the light into a digital image which is then processed by the on-board electronics, ready to be transferred to a USB port.

Zen X

Available in two sizes, it adapts to all types of examination.

iRYS, the all-in-one software for 2D and 3D diagnostics

The sensor integrates perfectly with the iRYS software installed on the PC and the 2D image viewer for iPAD; iRYS is the all-in-one solution for 2D and 3D diagnostics, communication and intraoral imaging management. Provides simple yet comprehensive processing tools: fast browsing of captured images, calibration and pre-settable _ lters, association with the dentition chart and automatic pre-de_ nable layouts with which to save and consult patient X-rays relative to di_ erent treatment sessions.


Zen X

Optimal workflow

Ergonomic positioners allow optimal placement of the sensor, which is always ready for exposure. Following acquisition, images are loaded directly onto the PC. They can then be saved, consulted and shared via iCapture software (TWAIN), all-in-one iRYS software (DICOM) or with a free image viewer or iPAD app before being printed or sent via e-mail.